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Tomorrow the Island Dies Equity Reading

Nicole was thrilled to be able to play Bree again in Ryan Scott Oliver's new musical "Tomorrow the Island Dies". More information to come! 

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Tomorrow the Island Dies...

Nicole is so excited to originate the role of Bree in Ryan Scott Oliver's new musical, Tomorrow the Island Dies. It was such an honor to be able to workshop this piece with such an incredible group of people. More information coming soon!

Nicole can't wait to work with the incredible Ryan Scott Oliver again on this spooky new piece. She is such a huge fan of his and so honored and delighted to get to work with him again.

her sound.webp

Her Sound Vol. 3 Recording!

Nicole was so thrilled to recently record again with composer Ethan Carlson on his new Volume of Her Sound. She's so honored to work with him again and create something so intricate and beautiful. 

More updates and information regarding Her Sound Volume 3 to come soon. Please see above to be taken to Spotify to listen to  Her Sound Volume 2!


Past Demons Recording

Nicole is so grateful to be on another Ryan Scott Oliver Album. His new album Past Demons continues the stories of Shirley Jackson. You can find Nicole on the song "Louisa, Please Come Home". There's also a video on the videos page of Nicole performing it live at Ryan's last concert.

Click the button above to pre-save the album on Spotify. Once released, you can find the album on Spotify and Apple Music.


HOPEful at the Soho Playhouse

Nicole is ecstatic to be a part of HOPEful at the Soho Playhouse in NYC. HOPEful is pilot written by Grace Kane, where Nicole plays the characters Xan and Jess. This performance is a part of a new writers' festival called RSO's Soho Salon. 

We are completely SOLD OUT for the performances on August 2nd and 3rd at 7:00pm EST. 

james harris.jpeg

Future Demons Released

Check Nicole out in the first two songs on the album titled "My Life with R.H. Macy" and "James Harris". You'll hear her voice in both the chorus and various solos throughout the pieces.

She is so honored and thrilled to be a part of this album. To be able to create during a pandemic and to work with the fabulous Ryan Scott Oliver has been such a special experience for her.

future demons.jpeg

Future Demons

Nicole has just finished recording for Ryan Scott Oliver's new musical album called Future Demons. This album is based off of Shirley Jackson and her thrilling short stories. 

Nicole was lucky enough to have an ensemble part in multiple songs and some short solos within the pieces! Keep an eye out for updates about when the album will be released.


In The News

Nicole is officially featured in both and ! She has been interviewed regarding being a part of the prestigious Top 20 in the Give My Regards..Passport to Broadway Contest.


She is thrilled to be a part of the contest and to be interviewed for New Jersey's top magazines. The release dates for her interviews are Friday, August 21st. Be sure to check her out!


Photoshoot with Tyson Stuetz

Nicole was able to have a photoshoot onboard with Tyson Stuetz! They were able to take the photos at sea near the Tahitian Islands on their travels. The theme of the photoshoot encircled natural, earthy textures, colors, and makeup. The models were dressed and made over to their specific looks. 

It's always a pleasure working with the talented Tyson Stuetz!


Royal Caribbean's Azamara

Nicole is ecstatic to be joining Royal Caribbean's Azamara Luxury Cruise as its Female Performer while it travels all over the world! Some of the places Nicole will be traveling to are South America, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Europe - totaling at 34 countries!


She can't wait to begin this incredible journey. 


Grimoire Web Series

Nicole has officially been added to the "Grimoire" Web Series cast as a new lead character known as Darla! She can't wait for you to meet her character and is so grateful to be a part of this series. She's always wanted to be in an occult themed piece! Filming begins this April until July 2019.


More information on air dates of the episodes will be announced soon. Click the photo or the button below for the Grimoire IMDB page.



​​Nicole will be taking over Actor Therapy's Instagram page THIS Tuesday 11/27/18 for #TakeoverTuesday !


Check out their Instagram stories page for a peek into Nicole's daily life as an actress in NYC. 


Quantico Released on Netflix

You can now find Season 3 of ABC's Quantico on Netflix! ​Check out episode 10 to see what happens to Nicole's character Jessie.


The Crucible

Nicole has been given the opportunity to participate in a reading of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, in which she will perform the role of Abigail.


She is thrilled to portray this character!


Quantico on ABC

Nicole has had the luck and pleasure of being cast in ABC’s Quantico (also on Netflix) as a brand new character! This was her first tv/film audition and gig. Filming the episode was so much fun and she can't wait for you guys to meet her character, Jessie McQuigg.


Check her out in Season 3, Episode 10 to find out what happens. More updates on the air date coming soon, but the season premiere is THURSDAY APRIL 26 10|9c!


Clear Talent Group

Nicole has officially signed with the agents at Clear Talent Group. She is thrilled to be a part of the CTG family and to start this new journey!


For any performance inquiries or interest in Nicole for a musical or play, please click the button below to visit the contact page with CTG's information.


The Sleeping Beauty

Nicole is thrilled to be a part of the Developmental Reading of The Sleeping Beauty at the York Theatre. She loves that she will be able to bring her operatic training to this exciting role! 


Nicole loves being a performer in new works. It's her passion to help create and tell the stories of others. 


Information about the reading can be found by clicking the box above.


The Kublet Commerical is Release

The Kublet Commercial has officially been released. If you want to see the commercial, please click the box above and it will take you to the Youtube link. 

This was such a fun and new experience for Nicole to film her first commercial! She had to learn the role in less than a day and was so excited to be a part of it. 


10 Years of New Writers Concert

Nicole was ecstatic to work with Ryan Scott Oliver again and sing his song "Louisa, Please Come Home" from his Past Demons album at the 10 Years of New Writers Concert at Feinstein's 54 Below! 

Being able to sing this song with such an incredibly talented group of people again in a concert was so exciting and heart warming. Nicole is so grateful to be a part of something so special as celebrating Ryan's 10 years of work!


Past Demons Has been Released!

Past Demons has officially been RELEASED! You can find the album on both Spotify and Apple Music. Check out the song "Louisa, Please Come Home" to hear Nicole singing the Soprano line, with a featured solo as Ms. J. 

Nicole is so honored to be a part of this album. She is so grateful for being able to sing and learn so much from working with Ryan Scot Oliver and these fierce artists! Click the button above to be taken to the album Spotify page. 

If you subscribe to Broadway Briefing, there was a blurb in the January 25th article about Past Demons! 

her sound.webp

Her Sound Album Release

Her Sound Volume 2 will be released on September 17th! Nicole is in awe of the work of Ethan Carlson and is thrilled to be a part of his newest album. For more information, please click the website link in the box above. Snippets of the music are to come! 

buskers poster.jpeg

Broadway Buskers!

Singing the songs of Ryan Scott Oliver in Times Square? Count Nicole IN! She has been lucky enough to be asked to sing with in Times Square as a part of their new Broadway Buskers Series. The songs that were chosen range through all of Ryan's albums, including one of his newer musicals, We Foxes (which Nicole sings a song from).


Head to Times Square on July 30th at 6pm! You'll find Nicole and a group of talented artists singing on a stage with lots of seating available! 

IMG_4106 (1).JPG
Vote Here

Last Day to Vote!

Today, 10/11/2020 is the last day to vote for Nicole in the Give My Regards Contest by Spot on Arts Academy. 

Let's get Nicole to the Top 10! 

It's been such an incredible experience for Nicole to be a part of the Top 20 and to work with an idol of hers - Scott Coulter. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the contest within the next coming days!

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 6.32.17 PM.png

Bergen Magazine Interview

Nicole is thrilled to be in Bergen Magazine and on She is so honored to be a part of the Give My Regards Contest and can't believe her name is actually in a magazine!


You can find her interview with Bergen Magazine when you click the box above.


Broadway World Feature

Nicole has been featured in an article by BroadwayWorld regarding being one of the Top 20 in the Give My Regards Contest with Spot On Arts Academy.


Be sure to keep an eye out for updates. More news to come! Also, click the button above for more information or to read the article.


Azamara Journey

Nicole has recently performed on the Azamara Pursuit and can now be found performing on the Azamara Journey! She is thrilled to be fulfilling her life long dream of traveling the world and singing. She will be visiting 34 countries around the world and performing for all different groups of people.


Check out some of her production photos in the gallery and click the button above for more information about Azamara.


Grimoire Filming Complete

Nicole has wrapped on filming her scenes as her character Darla in "Grimoire", a Web Series with Sultanic Productions.


All dates for the episode will be released in 2020/2021 and more updates on the release date will come soon!


Broadway Night: Ladies Night

Nicole is thrilled to be joining Broadway Night: Ladies Night at Prohibition on March 24th at 9:00 PM. Come join her and a bunch of fabulous people sing you songs about women's empowerment and femininity! As their website says:

"Join us for a night of musical theatre, cocktails, and pussy power. This month, performers will be celebrating femininity and the female/ femme influence on musical theater. This event will be co-hosted by the exquisite queen Vix New York."

Don't miss out on a ton of fun!


Photoshoot with Shock Media

Nicole had the pleasure of taking a photoshoot with a dear friend of her's who now has their own photography brand.


The photos came out great and she can't wait to showcase them!

copy - cropped.jpg

Success Story Photoshoot

Nicole had a ton of fun on the Actor Therapy Success Stories Photoshoot with MurphyMade. She always has such a blast with the MurphyMade team and can't wait to take more photos with them soon.


Many thanks to Lindsay Mendez and Ryan Scott Oliver for choosing her as one of their Success Stories. She's so honored!


Photoshoot with Leslie Hassler

Nicole had an amazing photoshoot with photographer Leslie Hassler! She had so much fun and really loved how the photos came out. They went for more of a minimal makeup look and a New York City energy.


Check out some of the photos on Nicole's Photo page!

into the woods.jpg

Into the Woods

Nicole has been given the opportunity to participate in a reading of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, in which she will perform the role of Cinderella. She is so excited to play one of her dream roles!


For more information, please contact Nicole.

actor therapy.jpeg

Actor Therapy at 54 Below

Nicole is excited to be performing with the fantastic Actor Therapy group. Come on by 54 Below at 11:30 PM for a night of show tunes and fun! 

Check out the Broadway World Article by clicking the box above for information on the show.


Her Sound at Joe's Pub

You've heard it here, folks. Nicole is headed to Joe's Pub at the Public Theater to sing in Her Sound: A New Musical written by Ethan Carlson, Produced by Thousand Faced Theatre and Ryan Sott Oliver,  and directed by Broadway Director Mary McGowan and Sammi Cannold!


She is so excited to sing with Broadway stars such as Jeanna De Waal, Jewelle Blackman, Kerstin Anderson, Jessie Hooker-Bailey, Sandra Okuboyejo, Lianah Sta. Ana and many more! You can get tickets at the link above (click the button), or you can listen to Her Sound Volumes 1-3 on Spotify or Apple Music. Nicole is so honored to have been a part of Volumes 2 and 3 and now to be a part of this incredible concert! 


The Kublet Commercial

Nicole has been lucky enough to be chosen to film a commercial for a new product called The Kublet with Start Motion Media. She was so excited to embark on the journey of filming her first commercial! 

It was such an incredible experience for her and she can't wait for you all to see it. More information regarding the commercial and release dates to come soon. 

For any and all information on the Kublet, please click the button above to be taken to the website. 


Past Demons Album Release

Release date is officially January 25th. Go to Ryan Scott Oliver's Instagram for daily teasers to the new album and incredible artwork as seen in the photo above. 

Click the box to be taken to Ryan's Instagram.

Nicole is ecstatic to be performing on an album with so many talented performers.


RSO at Feinstein's 54 Below

Nicole is delighted to be working with one of her favorite composers and teachers, Ryan Scott Oliver. She's been so grateful to be a part of many of his new projects this year. 

His newest concert takes place on September 13th at 7:00pm. Here you can find Nicole singing in multiple works of his with a star-studded cast that includes Jay Armstrong Johnson, Bonnie Milligan, Kathryn Allison, Matt Doyle, and many more. 

The show is completely SOLD OUT! For any information, please click on the blue box above.


Her Sound Vol. 2

Nicole is thrilled to announce that she recently recorded on Ethan Carlson's new album Her Sound Vol. 2

"Her Sound is a new song cycle that reimagines the ancient stories of women. Instead of "wife", "mistress", and "sinner", discover the untold accounts of a rebel contemplating the cost of knowledge for a bite of an apple, a liberated Queen celebrating her community of women, a groundbreaker escaping the walls that trap her, the origin story of Luci the Queen of Hell, and many more stories."

The producers Thousand Faced Theatre Company and Ryan Scott Oliver have been working with Ethan Carlson in preparation for a total of 3 albums! Her Sound Volume 1 is available on all streaming platforms. Announcements regarding Her Sound Volume 2 are soon to come. While waiting for the release of volume 2, check out his first album Her Sound Volume 1 on the Spotify link in the button above! 

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 7.56.26 PM.png

201 Magazine Article

Nicole has just found out she was featured in 201 Magazine! Go to this link and page A18 to find her :

Or click the box above. She is thrilled to be in another Magazine within her home state of NJ. That makes 4 in the past week! 


Team Scott!

Nicole has officially gotten her Mentor for the Give My Regards..Passport to Broadway Contest! She will be working closely with Scott Coulter. Scott is one of New York's most honored vocalists.


She is so excited for him to be her mentor and for them to create something amazing for the Contest! Keep an eye out for videos, updates, and more contest news! 

Nicole DeLuca (FB).PNG

Top 20

Nicole was chosen to be in the Top 20 of Spot On Arts Academy's Nationwide Talent Competition. They chose 20 different kinds of artists – Dancers, Singers, Comedians, Actors, Musicians, Visual Artists and more for the contest. The Top 6 finalists perform a one-of-a-kind concert in NYC alongside their mentors and the best voices from Broadway and Cabaret. Once the grand prize winner is chosen, they will be announced at the New York City concert and invited to perform in a Spot-On concert with the Pacific Symphony in Orange County, California!


Nicole is so excited to move forward in the competition and see what happens next!


Grimoire Season 2 Episode 4

An episode of Grimoire Season 2 has aired! Nicole loved being able to explore the character Darla and had so much fun filming in Philadelphia. You can catch Nicole in this episode at the time clip of 20:10. 

Click the box above to watch the full episode!


Spring Awakening

Nicole is so excited to be playing the role of Wendla in Actor Therapy Sings Spring Awakening in Concert at Feinstein's 54 Below on May 9th, 2019 at 11:30 PM. She's ecstatic to be back at Feinstein's 54 Below with her Actor Therapy family and with a twist! ​This time, they’re singing the beloved score of Duncan Sheik & Steven Sater’s rock musical Spring Awakening.

This concert is directed by award-winning composer-lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver (35mm, Darling) & Actor Therapy’s Director of Events Mathieu Whitman. The show will feature a slew of fabulous Actor Therapy students & alumni performing alongside a 3-piece band. Come see Nicole take on the character, Wendla, a dream role of hers.


Join us in having a drink and relishing in the angst and passion of this thrilling rock musical. 

Click the button above for the Broadway World article written about the show!


Photoshoot with MurphyMade

Nicole had an amazing photoshoot with the Murphymade team. They always make headshots so much fun!


Actor Therapy Success Story

Nicole is now officially a part of Actor Therapy Success Stories! She is so grateful to have worked with both Lindsay Mendez and Ryan Scott Oliver and to have had their help navigating this tricky and fun career.


She was able to take a awesome photoshoot with MurphyMade and can now be seen on their website and Instagram! 


Quantico Season 3 Ep. 10 Airs Tonight

Check out Nicole's character, Jessie McQuigg, tonight in Quantico on ABC at 8:00 PM! Nicole is so grateful for the amazing experience she had filming this episode.


You can also check out the IMDB page by clicking the button below. The episode and season will also soon be on Netflix!


Young Dr. Jekyll

Nicole has been given the opportunity to perform as Brigitte and Ms. Fogruffle in the reading of a new musical comedy YOUNG DR. JEKYLL with book, music, and lyrics by Philip Stern and co-book writers Tim Wells and Lisa Hopkins. 


The storyline is as follows: Young Dr. Jekyll has five days to recreate the formula for intelligence that he discovered while on expedition to the mystical Isle of Bu Bu. He is determined to ignore the existence of his insane father and anything else that might get in the way of his chances of being the youngest person to be admitted to The Royal Society of Scientific Minds. Nicole's character of Brigitte is a jaded French singer and former chorus dancer from the Follies Bergère. She is tired of France and bad romance, and she is desperately trying to make a life and find a real man in London. Brigitte regularly sings at the George Tavern where she meets and is offended by the Young Dr. Jekyll, who is immune to her charms. 


The date for the reading is Sunday, January 14th at 8:00 PM. Nicole can't wait to perform these roles! 


Angels in America

Nicole has been given the opportunity to participate in a reading of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, in which she will perform the role of Harper. She is thrilled to take on this challenging role and play!


For more information, please contact Nicole.

actor therapy amy button.jpg

Don't Tell Mama

Nicole is thrilled to be a part of Amy Button's Actor Therapy Cabaret Series as a featured performer. Head down to Don't Tell Mama on November 17th, 2017 at 9:30 PM to enjoy a night out with great food, drinks, and some amazing music!

Check out the Broadway World Article regarding the Cabaret Series by clicking the box above.

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